About Taylor

Taylor Paige Cosmas passed away in April 2010 of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) at five months of age. The amount of grief and sorrow experienced at her funeral will never be forgotten. It was hard to imagine Mark and Katie ever smiling, laughing, or being happy again.

But, over time, Katie and Mark dealt with their loss and endeavored to do something to remember Taylor by and to donate to SIDS in her name. They have literally “ran” towards curing the disease that took their daughter’s life. In 2011 “Team Taylor” was formed and had the largest team at Pat’s Run with over 170 runners wearing Team Taylor shirts and running in her honor. In 2013, Team Taylor grew to form its own 5k run with nearly 1,000 runners. Since its inception, Team Taylor has raised more than a million dollars.

The goal for 2022’s Family Fun Run is to have over 1,200 runners and donate over $250,000 to SIDS Research in Taylor’s name. We can only accomplish this goal with the community’s support. Please consider running or walking with Team Taylor this year.

Taylor was truly a beautiful child who was always smiling and laughing and making those in her presence do the same. Please join Team Taylor and honor her memory and do something good for SIDS; she can still make us smile.